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low-grade fever, stiff neck, night sweats...What is it?

Posted by Luann

My husband has run a low fever for three nights.  His neck is stiff and sore. He has night sweats that drench the sheets.  If he takes some fever-reducers during the day, he is able to keep working.
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Luann, I don't know what it is but my 36 year old son Nick has the same symptons and his wife is quite worried. He already went to the emergency room and had blood drawn to be tested for lyme disease. He is a hunter and feels he may have been bitten by a tick when hunting season started a few weeks back. Today is Sunday Oct. 24th and his test results will possibly be ready tomorrow. I will save this site in my favorites and check it later. I will also post what the blood test results are for my son and let you know if we find out what it is.
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