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low grade fever for months after surgery, no infection

Posted by sgtweisbach

I had surgery on 11-27-08, L4-L5 fusion.  I am still running a low grade fever.  When I tell my doctor (they do blood work) and I dont show any infection


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Well I am happy (I think) to know I am not the only one out there.  I had spinal fusion L4-L5, L5-S1  on 1/29/09 and then went back to the OR on 2/4/09 for repair of ruptured dura and I&D of spinal abscess-- I did go home on IV antibiotics (I have been off of them now for 6 weeks) but I contine to run a daily low grade temp of 100.0 - 100.8.  All of my blood work and a recent MRI with contrast show that I ddo not have an infection, yet I am exhauseted all of the time and remain in a significant amout of pain.  Has anyone given you any info that may be useful? 
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