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Low back pain and Chiropractic: Research proves the way to go!

Posted Nov 22 2010 8:15am

Our federal goverment Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality as reported that Chiropractic care significantly lower costs and returns people with low back pain to work faster.

Other studies have compared various treatments for low back pain and when Chiropractic care was persued, costs were reduced by 28%, hospitalizations wer reduced by 41%, back surgery reduced by 32% and the cost of medical imaging including x-rays and MRI, was reduced by 37%

Even with the research that proves Chiropractic care is the way to go for low back pain, insurance companies and case managers turn a blind eye the facts. For example one study focused on 106,340 people who were admited to the hospital with low back pain. Only 75 people received Chiropractic or any kind of manual therapy.

If you have low back pain, I urge you to see a chiropractor. Our office specializes in treating lowback pain safely, effectively and quickly. Visit our web site at to find out more information.

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