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Losing it with Jillian Michaels' Star Lives in an Airplane Neck Pillow

Posted Jun 03 2010 8:23am

Jillian michaels So last night i watched a new show with Jillian Michaels, the aggressive tough fitness coach from the Biggest Loser. Her new show is called " Losing it with Jillian ". Basically Jillian lives with a family for a week and shows them how to live healthy, lose weight and change their bad habits. Last night's show was quite interesting because the father in the show, Mr. Mastropietro basically lived in an airplane pillow. To describe it, it was red, u shaped and on his neck the entire day.

Memory travel core pillow foam

These U shaped travel pillows are actually quite popular ! The type of pillow you would carry to the airport with you and use while sitting on the plane or waiting for the plane. Also you can use the U shaped pillow in a seated position (lobes down) or lying down (lobes up). Great for long plane trips, they will help you sleep and prevent any crick in the neck which is often common with sitting in uncomfortable plane seats.

This particular travel pillow is composed of viscoelastic memory foam, which responds to your body heat. It can benefit patients who have a pinched nerve, neck sprain/strain, or even an acute injury such as whiplash to the neck. It helps to stabilize and accomodate an existing condition.

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