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Looking for peice of mind with my broken arm?

Posted by G

I broke my arm two weeks ago, i went to emergency where they informed me my radius was broken, my arm was hyperextended as someone fell on it, the bruising is full on and resembles exactly the bruising of a dislocated elbow I saw a picture of, thing is, my appointment is a week away still (3 weeks since i broke it) its the top of the radius, its not in a cast, i cant stretch it out at all, as i stretch it locks and feels lock the bottom where the ulna and elbow meet something is going to snap? plus its still mishaped although not massively, is my elbow dislocated still? it feels like i need crack back into place. Naturally im not going to attempt such a feet myself? but I dont know whether this is normal and to just wait the week out?

Thanks :)

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