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Looking Beyond The Pain: Grasping The Root Cause Of Sciatica Pain

Posted Feb 10 2011 4:51am

If you’re like me, you know first-hand how painful sciatica can be to deal with. This is what actually start me on my own search for a cure for sciatica. I used to use one of those heat pads. Sure, it would feel good for a while, but…well… after I took it off the pain would quickly come back, sometimes even worse than before. However, what you should be doing is using ice instead followed by a few quick stretches to help you localize and centralize the pain to one specific location where you can really eliminate it effectively.

What is sciatica? It’s a sharp or sometimes dull pain that could happen anywhere from your buttocks or hips all the way down your legs to your feet. Sciatica is caused by any sort of pressure that is placed on the sciatic nerve, which runs from your lower spine down to your legs and feet.

After figuring this all out, it became obvious to me that the way to find real lasting relief from sciatica was to find out what was causing the nerve to get pinched in the first place and resolve that. The sciatic nerve is the longest nerve in the body. branches out from the lower back and it runs down your hips, buttocks, legs, knees, and as far down as your feet and toes. So, you can experience sciatica pain anywhere from your lower back all the way to your feet.

Let’s take a look now at a few common causes of sciatica:

Be sure to be careful if you picking up heavy or awkward objects. This can put pressure on the sciatic nerve or even result in nerve damage.

Another common thing that causes sciatica is natural disc degeneration as we age. The discs in your back will become less flexible and the space between them will become smaller leaving less room for the nerves.

A tight Piriformis Muscle, which sits right on top of the sciatic nerve may crush or irritate your sciatic nerve and case a significant amount of pain.

Once you figure out exactly what your sciatic nerve is and the things that can actually cause sciatica, you’ll have a much better understanding of your condition and how to fix it. Sciatica is a painful condition, but once you get some understanding of it, you’ll start to connect the dots and you’ll know exactly how to deal with it.

If you found this article helpful, and you’d like to learn some effective stretches for sciatica, be sure to check out: Exercises for Sciatic Nerve

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