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Little league pitchers, shoulder injuries and Chiropractic care.

Posted Jul 31 2009 11:40am

Shoulder injuries are common especially in baseball and I have treated a lot of little league athletes in my chiropractic office. And if the athlete is under 18, there is a greater risk of injury. Other groups of people who are vulnerable to shoulder injuries are weekend warrior athletes and workers over the age of 40. The most common type of injury is stress from overhead use especially is swimming, tennis or throwing as in baseball. Continuous use after the injury can lead to inflammation, arthritis and permanent damage to the bone itself.

In my Chiropractic office when I am evaluating a shoulder, I may notice one shoulder to be lower than the other, range of motion may be ratchety or limited, and pain as the arm moves through the moves such as flexion, extension, internal or external motion or raising the arm up or down. These tests can indicate a rotator cuff injury. These can be treated with Chiropractic care to reduce the inflammation, and correct any issues with the spine. The most important part of healing shoulder injuries however is rehabilitation to help strengthen the weak shoulder musculature or laxity of the joint. We give stretching exercises to help tight areas as well.

Also very important in rehabilitating shoulder injuries caused by pitching or any other type of sport injury is making sure proper technique is used. Whether the sport is swimming, tennis or pitching, improper technique can add additional stress on the joints which prevent proper healing. In our office we will use a video camera to evaluate pitching technique or tennis stroke and even discuss with the coach where the problems might be. This is very important with children. In fact Little League Baseball has incorporated rules that went into effect in 2008 that limit the amount of pitches a pitcher is allowed to throw in a given game. The rules also include required days of rest which are based on the amount of pitches that the pitcher throws in a game.

If you are interested in obtaining a chart of these new rules, feel free to contact me by e-mail at I would be happy to send the chart to you. Also keep checking my website at as I hope to put these rules under the Chiropractic and Kids in our office tab.

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