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Learn Chinese phrases Nǐ hǎo to your friends

Posted Oct 17 2013 7:16am

One is just apt to pick up a “Ni Hao” as I might greet a visitor at my house with a “Hello”. Having resided in China for nearly six years, I came back to the United States toting a beloved Chinese husband, adequately fluent to serve as a contracted Chinese translator, and an abundantly overflowing measure of Mandarin expressions. It is a good idea when crossing the pond to China, hoping to make a favorable dent with the local Chinese, that you know these nine extremely useful Mandarin Chinese phrases.
Having trouble finding a native Chinese teacher so you can learn Chinese online? No need to worry any longer! Each instructor at AllMandarin is individually chosen based on their qualifications, and have completed our special training program for teachers. Every teacher we hire has the necessary certification and at least three years of experience teaching Chinese.
AllMandarin is the leading school for learning Chinese online. You’ll become a fluent Chinese speaker in no time, and you can learn Chinese online via Skype anywhere you have internet access. You will have a great time learning Chinese as you follow our new, hands-on method. In addition, you will also learn important aspects of the Chinese culture, giving you the knowledge you need to successfully navigate your way in China.
At AllMandarin, we recognize that each individual has a different learning style. We specialize in delivering online Chinese courses customized for each individual who wants to improve their communication skills. Our Chinese courses enable you to communicate fluently, effectively, and confidently in Chinese. We are totally flexible and allow you to focus on a specific area of Mandarin Chinese if you wish, helping you to gain the most relevant knowledge possible. Your precise needs and learning objectives will be taken into account as we design and develop your learning strategy specifically for you.
The regular Chinese lessons are designed for learners who wish to receive a systematic Chinese training in listening, speaking, reading and writing. It is suitable for any student, from the total beginner to the highest level.
Perfect for those who need to quickly learn the basics of Chinese so they can easily navigate life in a Chinese-speaking country. Our survival Chinese lessons have been designed specifically for helping non-native speakers communicate with Chinese speakers. Even students who have a lesser communication ability will be able to succeed in this survival Chinese course. The lessons within survival Chinese teach the correct grammar and conversational skills needed in a variety of daily life situations. Vocabulary activities and role-playing will help students who enroll in survival Chinese to give and understand directions, order in restaurants, visit the doctor, go shopping, and go to the bank, pharmacy, airport and hotel. For those who have specific needs in a particular area of learning Chinese, we will include this learning in the survival Chinese lessons to make sure you have the resources you need.
Every new customer can take one free Chinese lesson. It is completely free and there is no obligation. The only purpose of the free Chinese lesson is to help Chinese language learners to get an idea of how our system works. Please ensure that you fill in the correct contact information. Our live support staff will contact you by Email/Phone within one working day. We will help you set up everything and get you ready for your free Chinese lesson (Live)!

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