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Laser Therapy for Sports Injuries. It's more than just treating pain

Posted Mar 01 2010 12:00am

San Francisco Chiropractor Comments:

Deep Tissue Laser Therapy San Francisco
It has always been our philosophy at Executive Express Chiropractic that the cause of pain is not always at the site of pain. This is especially true when it comes to repetitive motion injuries of the extremities that happen so often in sports (and at the workplace). So...we will always work on the kinetic chain (all the joints of the arm or leg) from top to bottom to make sure everything is working right...on both sides. 

Recently, we acquired an LCT-1000 Deep Tissue Laser from LiteCure . Deep Tissue Therapeutic Laser is one of the most advanced forms of treatment for sports injuries. In fact, quite a few professional sports franchises swear by them, including the Boston Celtics and the Toronto Blue Jays. The US Olympic Basketball Teams competing in Beijing benefited from LCT-1000 Deep Tissue Laser Therapy also...using the LCT-1000 to keep players on the court.

Here is an excerpt from the excellent article The Light Answer from the Physical Therapy magazine Advance that sheds a little light on the logic behind addressing compensatory pain patterns:

Simply treating the symptomatic area will not give you maximum results with laser. It is vitally important to treat the underlying kinetic chain referral and compensation patterns. High-power, deep-tissue laser allows you to treat many of these contributing areas with proper dosage during a single therapy session. The key is to address dysfunctional painful (DP) patterns in combination with the dysfunctional non-painful (DN).

This makes total sense since many sports injuries to the extremities are compensatory...they are compensating for asymptomatic primary injuries to the other extremity. We discover this during the exam and treat the problem accordingly (both sides). far as the treatment goes at Executive Express Chiropractic...Deep Tissue Laser Therapy will only serve to enhance our existing treatment protocols which include treating all areas of dysfunction...both painful (DP) and non-painful (DN).

And you don't have to be an olympic athlete or belong to a professional sports franchise to receive LiteCure LCT-1000 treatment. Laser sessions are affordable and readily available at our San Francisco Chiropractic Clinic at the Embarcadero Center .

To schedule a complimentary Deep Tissue Laser Pain Assessment at Executive Express Chiropractic in the SF Financial 415-392-2225. We validate parking.

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