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Posted Nov 20 2010 11:49am

On the NHS website it states that 'laptops are being blamed for the rise in back, neck and shoulder problems'.

Almost 215,000 workers suffered upper limb disorders according to the 2008/09 Labour Force Survey and they think that it is the increase in laptop popularity that may be adding to the problem.

A chiropractor said that he'd seen a lot more people with neck, back and shoulder problems which could be caused by excessive laptop use and with the latest Kindle's for reading books as well, the future can only mean more spinal pain.

It's pretty inevitable because of the way we sit with our laptops and the way they are designed and although they say that you should take regular breaks, when you are in the middle of working on something its not always that easy.

I am secretary trained and a very quick typist so I do not stare at the screen all the time as I can type without looking at the keyboard which gives my eyes a break but I know I should move more often.

They say that you should make a conscious effort to raise the level of your laptop before using it. I have mine on a cushion on my knee but you can buy these laptop trays which are on a bean bag to put on your knee. It's important to try and raise it up to eye level.

If you are at a desk then and there is nothing else available to make your laptop higher then try some books just as long as you can raise it up to eye level.

Always support your elbows on cushions or if at a desk on the armrests of your chair. You have to remember that your shoulders are connected to your neck muscles so if that droops, it would consequently put more pressure on the latter as well.

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