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Kobe Bryant tired: I have run out of energy legend: Peter is warcraft outbursts

Posted Mar 14 2013 3:22am


attack, CiShiPing also often can bring Nike Air Max 2012 Mens a surprise to people, six games since march, he has scored in double figures, his attack has been stable for many compared with last season. CiShiPing or other project team a good three points points, he also has a big heart, already have many games at a crucial moment for the team into stable morale of Nike Air Max 2012 Womens 3-pointers. As a role player, CiShiPing is absolutely good, he is also the lakers besides Nash, kobe Bryant's most experienced player. When the team needs to find a leader in rotation, CiShiPing can play this role, he stood in the lakers rotation attack also enrich some. Seats for the lakers in the playoffs on the road, CiShiPing is an integral part of them, he can play an important role in defence.various media before this season, pointed out that the lakers should use an amnesty clause to cut CiShiPing, but the lakers didn't do it. Nike Air Max 2010 From now, they don't make such a decision is quite correct, CiShiPing this season's condition is much better than last season. Although less defensive ability, but CiShiPing defense has, in especially recent lakers insider short rear admiral, he frequently are arranged in the paint to hard carry forward, his defensive performance is not bad at this moment. And in Dwight Howard lakers win, 39 points, 16 rebounds Nike Air Max 2010 Mens and three blocked shots, but behind it all, is the change of the role of kobe Bryant, he has to start the game, he took the responsibility of the lakers' playmaker, again and again to make the ball inside the hand of warcraft, the whole game, kobe Bryant 8 assists, and seven rebounds. "Kobe took on the role of the team playmaker at the beginning, take the initiative to take the ball to Dwight, let him to participate actively, he is the basis of the latter Nike Air Max 2010 Womens can play, I think he played very clever," after the game, the lakers legend James worthy gave high praise to the kobe Bryant. While Bryant, give praise to the warcraft, although the latter is broken today what he has kept the lakers history single-game record of the number of free throws -- kobe Bryant scored 23 goals in single twice,

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