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James: there is nothing to summarize is just lost a ball

Posted Dec 07 2012 8:05am
According to NBA China's official website reported that Beijing time this morning, the NBA regular season to continue, the heat to a 101-105 defeat turned wizards. This James said that defeat is really teach but nothing can be summarized. "The loss is really a lesson, but we have can be summarized. We just lost it," James explained. "We see through a lot of things, so we don't need such a defeat, ah, but that loss occurs on us." No intention expect such result, record the worst Cheap Lebron 10 Shoes wizards strong counter attack, in addition to the first quarter, but there have been behind the game leading almost beat the strong heat. The wizards after start 0-12 negative later, in the last 3 games 2-1 negative. "I really like these children," wizards coach randy - wei goodman said, he said that this might be his most satisfying career victory. He said he told himself before the game the players: "only one people believe that you have the opportunity to become the winner tonight · · · we need a national attention is game." However, wei goodman continued, "people say, I had seen them (Washington) many times, guys · · · they could not win the game. This is people have been said before. I heard, along the way are so troubled. These were the team." The heat and winning streak end encounter, record of 12-4 negative. "We need to move on," wade said, he got 24 points. "You want to learn something, but for some loss or win, you can never be good team." The wizards to overcome a lot of the team, but they from last season Cheap Kobe 6 3 consecutive win over the heat. "This is a good sign for us, obviously. We have been working in four games played a good game," Sean - livingston said. Different from the heat have James wade - bosh three giants, wizards squad almost no a high sequence players, the 2010 number one scholar John - woll not participate in the training game, coach randy - wei goodman said he couldn't return schedule given wal-mart. After the game, coach mood is much better. "From a to z, this game is to belong to us," goodman said wei. "Tonight can sleep a good sleep." Today at home against the grizzlies, the spurs in one behind by 17 points, finished the big reversal, overtime victory over the grizzlies, including parker scored 30, Duncan off 27 points and 15 rebounds. Game with 11 seconds, the SAN Antonio spurs lead only 2 points, fortunately, parker two free throws, with his 30 points, the SAN Antonio spurs Cheap Kobe VI once 17-point deficit to 99-95 reverse the Memphis grizzlies. At present the SAN Antonio spurs record of 14 victories, four negative, still in the west third, grizzly bear record for 12-3 negative, still lead the west, but ended four straight wins. The whole game, parker and shot 11 of cut down 30 points 6 assists and steals, Duncan and shot 11 of contribution and points and 15 rebounds, 4 assists, Neil and manu ginobili an respectively 13 points and 10 points; Memphis, KangLi cut down and points and 12 assists and steals, small gasol credit twenty points and eight rebounds, guy get 15 points and 10 rebounds. A dozen the heat, the spurs coach gregg popovich decided to let Tim Duncan, Tony parker, ginobili and Danny green have holidays by turns, let the four main advance back to SAN Antonio, for today with the grizzlies to do. But wave handsome this caused a lot of controversy, more angered the NBA commissioner David stern, the league against the SAN Antonio spurs made as much as $250000 heavy. For the alliance of punishment, gregg popovich responded that felt disappointed, may appeal in private. The SAN Antonio spurs players is AnXia decision, want to use a victory to force a wave handsome. Not only that, when introduce the SAN Antonio spurs, the spurs fans more than ever to gregg popovich long applause, expressed Cheap Lebron 8 wave handsome support. So in today's game, the spurs played very active, very energy, especially the team's two core Duncan and parker, to the opponent's basket caused a great impact in the first half, parker scored in double has been, Duncan is half embrace 21 points and eight rebounds, new bloom. Half 21 points and eight plate? This is not only because the Duncan good condition, but also because small gasol in the first half is irritable, defense is easy to Duncan dallying, let Duncan siege drawn village. See Duncan so brave, small gasol emotions finally out of control, be reporter photographed anger cast towel. But although Duncan dozen huan, can say to the game situation, the spurs do not dominant.
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