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Is Your Office Chair The Reason Behind Your Lower Back Pain?

Posted Dec 31 2010 9:06am

Of all the reasons that are held accountable for lower back pain office chair that you use is one. Most of us spend the larger part of our day on these office chairs. Therefore, a wrong office chair may put you in trouble like muscle tension and sprain of the lower back area whereas a good one can provide the right support to the spine. So, getting the perfect chair for yourself in the office becomes significant.

When selecting the ideal office chair for yourself, there’re numerous things that you must keep under consideration. First of all, you must make sure that your chair isn’t too hard to sit on. Sitting on extremely hard surfaces for a long time can strain your muscles and result in back pain.

While you must ensure that your chair isn’t too hard, it must not be too soft either. An exceptionally soft chair means absolute comfort. Subsequently, you’re certain to slump over the desk or assume other such comfortable postures. Slouching or slumping again strains the muscles and ligaments that surround the spine. This subsequently results in back pain.

It’s not just the seat that must get importance, the back of the chair has equal importance too! Even the back must not be either too soft or too hard; it should be moderate. A hard back of the chair can cause sciatica. The back of the chair ought to be such to offer excellent support and it should be flexible so that if you want to recline, you’re able to do so.

Another thing that you can’t overlook is the height of the chair. A chair that is too low can trigger trouble to your lower back as you’d stretch your back to reach the table. On the other hand if your chair is too high you will bend to do your work. Both of these positions are bound to trigger trouble as it would aggravate the sciatic nerve and result in pain. So, a chair that is a bit lesser than the height of your table is ideal. Rather, choose a chair that you can adapt according to your needs.

It is strongly recommended that you seek out ergonomic chairs to keep back pain at bay. These chairs provide lumbar support and also ensure better posture while you’re sitting. These chairs also offer scope for proper elbow and calf placement, which again reduces the chances of lower back pain.

You can easily avert sciatica and other forms of lower back pain by opting for the perfect chair. So, ensure that you are selecting the right chair else be prepared to control discomfort and pain.

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