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Is it normal for my neck muscles to be sore?

Posted by louder754

I went snowboarding this weekend, and I definitely fell once on my back and banged my head on the ground. It didn't seem that serious, and while I am still not too concerned, I wanted to ask if it was normal for me to be having neck muscle soreness. The muscles on both sides of my neck just feel as though I really worked them out. I can move my head side to side, but once I tart turning my head over my shoulder it starts to tighten up. Just to try to narrow down the muscles I am talking about, it hurts to support my head to keep it even with my body when sitting up from lying down.
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When you fell on your back, you may have whiplashed your neck, creating soreness. Whiplash can cause a strain to the muscles and cause misalignments in the spine. It can create neck pain, stiffness, decreased mobility and overall soreness as you mentioned.

Best to use ice on your neck and rest in the meantime. You can also use a natural pain relief gel like biofreeze for pain relief of muscle spasms (see link below).  The soreness is normal for a few days, but see your chiropractor if it persists for more than a few days. He or she can do muscle massage/trigger point therapy and adjust your cervical spine to relieve some tension.

How to Treat Tight and Sore Muscles at home with Biofreeze



The soreness has nothing to do with your fall.  Your sore neck muscles (I have the same soreness as we speak from boarding yesterday) is from keeping your head turned sideways for prolonged periods while riding the slopes.  I'm guessing your triceps are also sore (from pushing your self up after a fall).  You'll feel this whenever you use a muscle or muscle group a lot more than you are used to. 
bswilliam - This is false. I've never had my neck get sore when just riding normally. You don't strain your neck to go down a hill. Falls will definitely strain your neck and cause pain from whiplash like Nav J said.
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