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is a 9yo with tylenol resistant fever, a headach, and sudden back pain ok or red flag?

Posted by ursa27

This morning my 9yo daughter was fine. By 11am she was asleep, strange... tried to feed her lunch, she wasn't hungry so I took her temp. It was 101.5 so I gave her Tylenol. She sipped water and gingerale. At 2pm she complained that her head hurt, pushed more fluids. At 3:30pm she was almost in tears over sudden mid-low back pain. It doesn't seem as bad when she lays down, but sitting is painful. It's too soon for more Tylenol and recheck of temp shows 100.5 and I am a little comcerned. She can touch chin to chest, yeah checked that. Anyone know what's up? Should I continue home treatment? Or is this urgent?

Thank you, Angel

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