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Inversion Therapy Table for Back Pain

Posted Feb 19 2010 1:32pm

I've herd of an inversion therapy table in the past but I have never really looked into how good or bad it is but recently came across an article on it on another blog.

Apparantly the inversion table brings back pain relief by diminishing the effects of gravity, reducing compression of the vertebrae and discs which then allows the muscles and ligaments in your spine to relax.

The table which you lie on relaxes your back in an inverted position, its safe, quick and very effective in creating space between vertebrae. Clinical studies say the table does increase the seperation between the discs which then brings on back pain relief (which of course, makes sense).

A study of 175 people who were unable to work due to back pain had a go at this therapy and after treatments ( it doesn't say how many) 155 of them were able to return to work full time.

I'm not sure how much these tables are but I cannot see them being cheap so its certainly got to be something you need to try before you buy.

Its yet another type of pain relief treatment that I have not tried yet so I'd also love to hear from anyone who may have tried this type of treatment.

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