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Introducing Kristen Nolan and her San Francisco Fitness Boot Camps

Posted Jun 11 2010 12:00am

San Francisco Chiropractor Comments:

Kristen Nolan Fitness
Kristen Nolan, founder and head personal trainer of I Luv My My Body Fitness in San Francisco , has been a chiropractic patient of Executive Express Chiropractic for several months now.

During this time period, Kristen has referred almost a dozen patients to our clinic.

Well...our staff noticed a commonality amongst this group of patients that Kristen referred.

First of all...they were all Fitness Boot Camp members of I Luv My Body Fitness. And they were all very excited about the physical transformation that was happening to their body's.

It seems that Kristen really works her Fitness Boot Camp clients a good way. They just can't stop talking about her.

Kristen Nolan's clients love her boot camps so much (as much as Kristen enjoys giving them) that they want to make sure that the aches and pains that go along with losing so much weight and getting into such great shape, do not become more than that...and interfere with their progress. 

Well...chiropractic adjustments work perfectly for this.

What a powerful boot camps and chiropractic adjustments.

What exactly is a fitness boot camp anyway? Here is an excerpt from I Luv My Body Fitness FAQs:

Our Boot Camp is a four-week program held indoors and outdoors (if there's inclement weather, we make some adjustments) that provides instruction on fitness and nutrition, with generous harpings of motivation and fun! Boot Camp is led by San Francisco's world-class fitness instructor: Kristen Nolan. Kristen is a certified fitness professional with years of experience helping hundreds of San Francisco residents. Boot Camp consists of calisthenics, light running and body weight exercises. Small dumbbells, rocks, ropes, kettle-bells, medicine balls are also used. The goal is to get you moving, elevate your heart rate and build lean muscle so your body burns twice as much fat. NOTE: Ladies, do not worry you will not get bulky. Muscle is more compact and smaller than fat. Also, it's much more shapely. Replacing fat with muscle will make you smaller, tighter and firmer your dress size will go down, not up! Map and reviews SF Fitness Bootcamps


Check out this  San Francisco Boot Camp Video to see for yourself why I Luv My Body Fitness is the real deal (for more info visit ):  


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