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In the name of basketball visit north Korea Jordan had let basketball over diplomacy

Posted Feb 28 2013 3:02am
Although in north Korea domestic basketball than football popularity, but due to the late north Korean leader Kim jong il is a big fan of Michael Jordan, now young leaders by the influence of the JinZhengEn father also likes the movement, basketball in north Korea still has a special meaning, may be regarded as north Korea's leader a few not against imported items. Nike Air Max 2011 According to the American media said, the 90 s, if not the United States government "conventionalism", the United States toward are likely to have been through the "basketball diplomacy" realize contact, Mr Kim had invited his favorite Michael Jordan to visit the United States. In 2000, the us secretary of state of the first visit to north Korea albright, in order to give Mr Kim to choose a suitable gift, she specially find a group of experts at the meeting. "We want to find a better than scotch whisky, the statue of liberty model and" cisse hero spectrum "more meaningful things. Want to want to go, finally we decided to send him a autograph by Jordan basketball." This star basketball was sent to keep leaders gift MiaoXiangShan international friendly exhibition hall in the show. In 2001, north Korea have privately invite Jordan led the Chicago bulls to visit Pyongyang and promised they would meet with Kim jong il. South Korea's samsung group even said they would like to visit the sponsorship bulls at. Nike Air Max 2012 But "because of a variety of reasons," Jordan declined Pyongyang's kindness. Jordan let "basketball diplomacy" missed, also let people lost earlier through the basketball know north Korea's opportunity. Until the summer of 2012, Luke elie and his American basketball team "high five" to north Korea, the United States, according to media friendly trip is of great significance. But when their team 14 a line arrived in the north Korean capital, Pyongyang after with north Korea launched and students training, anything can happen. "We really want to break through these barriers, promote the basketball, diplomacy, the development of friendship." Elie currently live in South Korea, he is the club, "the coach team" creator. The club's objective is to "use basketball to break all over the world political and social gap". Elie and his missionary parents in south Korean demilitarized zone near spent my childhood, north and south division makes elie always want to know what has happened to Pyongyang. "North Korea is such a distant place." Elie believe that they are the first to visit north Korea's the American basketball team, he hope that through the sports to build trust and cultivate the friendship, "we want to bring a you say 'hey!' American team, not what you see in the poster of the people in the United States. We are not you imagined those pesky guy, we represent our own, not our government. Nike Air Max 2013 The United States and the north Korean relations have been very nervous, the two may is the most remote two countries, various occasions always tit for tat. But "the coach team" insist they visit without about politics. Elie admitted that in their most started training a student had been suspected, but team player or more than other visitors can close to ordinary north koreans, "in the beginning and koreans had distance, but in discussing tactics and the end of the game, the children will laugh to us. These flowers for quite a while just laughing children, we don't know that they began to why not smile." Elie said this trip is a sports communication, but their team also has not escaped the north Korea routine publicity. They are tour group to visit the United States warships Pueblo number, on a ship was captured in 1968 the United States naval spy ship about north Korea's version of "American imperialism" story, the trip wasn't in elie plan, "we try not to look at the anti-american propaganda, although we know that this moment will come sooner or later and advance the bulletin, but we don't want to get involved." Those who have to visit the scenic spots including the late north Korean leader Kim jong il and his son Kim jong il huge bronze sculpture. Other tourism projects including Pyongyang playground and the principle of Kim il sung by "independent" or "self-reliance" named theme tower. Of course, elie won't forget their purpose, they hope in this year to leave the country before, to the north's basketball career help, "we have seen a player can do something, they traveled all over the world and do and other team, we now know the basketball the sport can break of race, religion and other anything you can imagine obstacles." In addition to elie the trip to north Korea, north Korea's men's basketball team three years ago in guangzhou Asian games is almost outside a few can understand Korea basketball game of. Cheap Nike Air Max 2013 Three years ago, guangzhou Asian games, is north Korea's eight years after the Asian games again in the field. They came to China early in invitational tournament for the Asian games do warming up. A read their training domestic coach said, their training look like twenty years ago China's TiGong brigade. But soccer and north Korea, they have a very good fitness, the keep high speed. Xinhua news agency reporter senior basketball ChanLei was in the Asian games period said. "they flesh wound not burn is very common. Look at north Korea whether training or they wear, eat, and how can such a team with such level? They didn't have so good clothes, shoes also is not very professional basketball shoes. In the north Korea player is all of the team in the wrestling most, one is shoe, 2 it is they do not adapt to such a good site, their site may acerbity some, we site are all waxed, but they broke up." During the games in China, north Korea's men's basketball team had to sponsor borrowed a cell phone, because they the team no one has a mobile phone, they need a cell phone and organizers keep in touch. Even, because someone was injured, they also host to borrow the bandage and spray. During the games in China, every day training every team can get 3 cases of water, every time after training, they only open a case, the players will not drink of the water bottle on the empty box, even if only a, they will move back to the hotel. The hotel provide them with buffet, a lot of high-grade food not so popular, sashimi few people enjoy, normal Fried rice and ice cream is the most popular, in addition, they also like to drink cola.
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