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Improve your Posture with the Posture Corrector

Posted Aug 23 2009 10:22pm
Arc4life's Posture Corrector Recently, I have been getting many emails from patients who wish to improve their posture. The most common posture I see is the forward head posture (or forward head carriage) with rolled shoulders forward. A slouched looking posture that is not healthy for your spine. The Posture Corrector is the best support that I have found to keep your shoulders from rolling forward. Forward head posture Incidentally, keeping your shoulders back, also keeps your head from being too forward, a position that puts a tremendous amount of strain on the neck and upper back.

The Posture Corrector is a canvas support that is invisible under clothes- it can be used by men and women. It’s a one size fits all (up to a 40”chest) with a clasp in the front to tighten as needed. Larger sizes are available as well on arc4life. The white canvas is made out of breathable cotton and has two flexible stays that go over your shoulders. The shoulder straps will give you a comfortable fit while at the same time holding your shoulders back, in a neutral position. To understand how the posture corrector is worn, watch this new youtube video:

Having Proper Posture is not an overnight fixable thing. It takes time to train your body to be in the right position. You will be engaging new muscles to act different- you will feel things differently. You may even have a little soreness by the end of the day in your new posture. Think about how long you have been assuming your present posture. Now you have to train your muscles to be in a different better way. Through traction protocols, using the right pillow at night, head retraction exercises (and other postural exercises) and using the posture corrector, you can have better posture overtime. - NJ

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    Visit the Arc 4 Life Store for your online selection of neck pillows, cervical supports and cervical traction products 4 relief of stiff neck, and neck pain.

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