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Improve your posture to improve your sport performance.

Posted Feb 11 2011 8:17am

In order to be the best at what ever sport you perform, proper posture is key. If you are tilted, twisted or unbalanced in any way, your body can not do what you ask it to do very well.

Good posture, or normal neutral posture is present when a plum line passes straight through 5 anatomical landmarks looking at you from the side: Center of the ear, center of the shoulder, greater trochanter (the hip), center of the knee and just in front of the ankle.

If there is any deviation from this then posture needs to be improved. The most common change in this normal posture is the head going forward, the mid back drifts back and the pelvis is tipped forward.  This abnormal posture places a great deal of stress on core muscles such as stretching the hamstrings and shortening the Quadriceps muscles which makes them weaker.  And this is not something you want as an athlete.

If your posture is not where it should be, a trip to a chiropractor can make a lot of difference. Our office at Grant Chiropractic Health Center spends a lot of time working on peoples posture. Visit our website to find out more about us  Mobilizing the spine and specific exercises are the first and second step to improving posture.

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