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If You Need To Find Out About Pregnancy Back Pain? Check Out Here.

Posted Feb 04 2011 7:21am

Pregnancy can be difficult with all the complications that a pregnant woman may experience. A quite common distress in pregnancy is back pain. It is actually one way or another anticipated that on the latter part of the pregnancy phase, when the heaviness of the abdominal area will increase, difficulties are usually encountered. It is estimated that 7 out of 10 pregnant women complain about back pain.

During pregnancy, the pelvis and the uterine ligaments around it are slowly softened by the hormone called relaxin. This is certainly preparing the pelvis to open up throughout delivery. As the pelvic bone and uterine ligaments soften, the strain becomes more frequent.

Back pain while being pregnant must not be overlooked. Even if it is considered normal in pregnant women, it may last longer than expected. Post partum back pain which continues for months must be addressed to prevent chronic back pain which may be recurrent all through the next pregnancy.

To help remedy the back difficulties in pregnancy, here are a couple simple measures to try. Apply a home exercise regimen suitable for expecting mothers. It must be a program approved by doctor or a physical therapist. The exercise program commonly consists of only bending and stretching around the pelvis area. Proper posture during pregnancy is also important.

A number of home tasks and also routines may cause distress and lead to back pain when the right body posture has not been practiced. Self-discipline during pregnancy also needs to be adopted like keeping off using high-heeled shoes or boots, raising the hip and legs every time you are sleeping, getting plenty of relaxation, putting on maternity belt to support the belly when heading out for a long stroll and squatting – should there be a necessity to get anything rather than just bending over which might result in strain around the lower abdominal area .

The moment back pain symptoms are noticed, it’s recommended to inform your physician regarding it. It should be addressed right away to avoid further complications and discomfort as the delivery date becomes nearer. Hands-on treatment can be done to treat back pains.

Ice and also heat works extremely well around the back, exactly where discomfort is noticed. Anti-inflammation medicines can also be used to relieve it. But any medication should be prescribed and approved by the doctor. Taking pain killers without the physician’s permission can cause danger for expecting mothers.

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