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If You Have Forward Head Posture, What Other Posture Might You Have?

Posted Sep 19 2010 7:01am
Forward Head Carriage is one of the most (if not the most) postural misalignments that is seen. The bad thing is that so many misalignments go hand and hand with it.

Posture corrector can Help with FHP (Forward Head Posture) The first is rolled shoulders. Your shoulders should be back, but shift your head forward and see how hard it is to keep your head back. The Posture Corrector is the best tool I have found to help correct this posture. Fixing the shoulder also we help keep the head from shifting too far forward.

The next postural abnormality is hunching of the upper back, this is otherwise known as a dowager's hump. The upper back starts hunching up, following the forward shifted neck. We all remember "Egor" from Frankenstein - nobody wants to look like that! this is also known as Upper Crossed Syndrome. Patients with this syndrome often have tightened trapezius, pectoralis and levator scapulae muscles. Weakness is often seen in the neck flexors, rhomboids and serratus anterior muscles. A patient may also present with face and neck pain, difficulty breathing during sleep (sleep apnea), difficulty swallowing, and migraine headaches.

One more posture that is associated with forward head is extension of the low back. You see you body always keeps your eyes even with the hoizon. Once the neck shifts forward, the eyes go in the down direction slightly. What occurs is that one ends up leaning back which in-turn brings the eyes even with the horizon.

The best things that you can use at home to combat any of these postures are the traction pillow , the posture pump 1000 , and the posture corrector .

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