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If You Have Chronic Severe Low Back Pain...There IS Hope!

Posted Jun 02 2009 4:33pm

Axiom_marketing_dvd_069 San Francisco Chiropractor and Herniated Disc Doctor Comments:

Do you suffer from chronic low back pain?  If so, you may be a candidate for spinal decompression therapy with the DRX9000. Nonsurgical spinal decompression can often times help...when nothing else will.

At my Spinal Decompression Center in San Francisco, we get the most satisfaction from helping patients that have tried everything else...including chiropractic.

Conditions such as disc herniations, bulging discs, degenerated discs, spinal stenosis, and facet syndromes...have all been known to respond favorably to lumbar decompression therapy with the DRX9000.

The treatment protocol is 20 sessions over a 5-6 week period. The DRX sessions are 30 minutes, followed by 10 minutes of muscle stimulation, then 10 minutes of ice. The entire visit takes about an hour.

For the most part, the treatments are painless. Although, it is possible to experience minor discomfort from the treatment...especially in the beginning...simply because we are working on an injured spinal disc that is most likely causing lots of spasms and inflammation.  You wear a back support in between  visits to support the spine, and there are some home care instructions that are fairly simple to adhere to.

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