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If my head jerks a certain way (by accident and only occasionally) I get a shooting burning pain up the back side of my head.

Posted by dolphinlova13j

Occasionally my head must jerk a certain way to cause this. For example I'll be lying in bed and turn a certain way or lift up my head to flop over and a shooting pain will race from the bottom of my skull to the top of my head.It tends to be left of center. It is a burning sensation, or almost like some nerve or artery tore inside my skin. It only last a few seconds before the pain fades and then it only feels odd for a little while. Does this happen to anyone else or do you know what this is?
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Wow!  Thought this only happened to me.  I get like a sharp pain that feels like its hot/warm and its on the lower part of the back of my head.  I have felt it do this on both sides of my head.  It's happened since I was younger, although not very often.     It feels kind of scary, like you mentioned, an artery either tore or something... It stays sharp for a minute or two then fades away slowly, lasting for5 or 10 minutes feeling sore.  Still wish I knew what it is and what causes it...
I am the exact same started when I was about 10 and continues to this day (I'm 26). My pain is in the left side of the back of my head and only occurs if I jerk my head backwards sharply (while throwing a ball hard, etc.). I should go to the doctor to check this out but I haven't. Have you guys received any answers to this? I also though that I was the only one this happened too. Thanks
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