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i was diagnosed with degenitrive bone disease on 07-31-2012

Posted by larry g Facebook

shortly after i had a partial knee replacement on 12-25-2008, i began to lose my balance and fall. things began to get progressively worse and i began to fall down flights of stairs, stumbling and falling daily. about 12-01-2011 i noticed i had lost about 75% of the sensation in both of my legs. my arms and legs began to violently shake if i reached out or extended them. pain from my neck to my feet is incredibly severe. on 07-31-2012 i went to u.s.c/l.a.c. emergency room complaining of pain. the doc. ordered m.r.i. scans of all 3 sections of my back. they found collapsing discs on my lumbar region and cervical region of my spine. i had surgery to repair discs c 2 through c7 and spent about 45 days in hospital. i cannot walk without falling. the pain is getting worse. i have sever clonis in my arms and entire legs. my ankles are swollen. i feel like i am worse off than before i had surgery. im wondering if i i was mis diagnosed and have multiple scelrosis instead ? im so miserable i feel like i have days i dont even want to live anymore. does anyone have any answers for me ?
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