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I think I'm suffering from a Fibromyalgia flare-up!

Posted Apr 05 2010 12:45pm

The mixed weather persisted for the whole of our stay at the Llandudno and was heralded in with weeping skies, alternating between rain, sleet and sun but the only true snow we could see was on the top of the hills.

While I was away I had started to have a lot of pain in other areas which would arrive first thing in the morning then disappear and reappear again at night, and I knew from before that it could be a flare-up of my Fibromyalgia.. My perpetual tired feeling made it all the more difficult to concentrate and even read a book, which I just love to do. I asked myself am I giving myself enough time to rest by body and mind? It helped me to realize where to channel my energy, to somewhere more positive and less stressful. A healthy body is less susceptible to stress and the best treatment to help my pain was to channel my energy to stimulate my body’s production of endorphins. But my pains which had started with a little twinge kept developing into full blown pain and I was popping pills like smarties.

According to a study performed in 1981 it was found that 90% of Fibromyalgia sufferers find they are very sensative to changes in the weather, just like people with Rheumatoid Arthritis or Osteoarthritis do. Cold weather definitely makes symptoms worse and wind, believe it or not, can also cause muscle aches and pains, and there was plenty of wind in Llandudno this weekend.

I think the hardest thing with a Fibromyalgia flare-up is that I do not feel in control of my symptoms as they just seem to spiral out of control and the chronic, chronic fatigue is totally overwhelming. I just couldn't wait to get back to my bedroom with a bed full of crisp white sheets and an abundance of soft pillows and my egg shell mattress topper. It was so inviting I collapsed into a big heap and slept for England, the minute I got home.

For those of you who do not know what Fibromyalgia is, its a hidden chronic condition of all over body pain, fatigue and unrestorative sleep. There is no cure for this condition and no indications that patients recover. The main problem with this condition is that families and friends are aware that you are ill but cannot see any physical changes and many even comment on how well you look. Many people have the symptoms for months and even years as diagnosis can be evasive as standard tests do not reveal this condition and not everyone is affected the same or has the same symptoms but Consultants and GP’s who are knowledgeable are able to diagnose this “invisible syndrome”.

Although not life threatening it is certainly life changing. It can be brought on by a traumatic, physical or emotional shock, a virus or be genetically inherited, it is not known or understood what the trigger is that brings out the Fibromyalgia in the individual but mine was diagnosed twelve months after a life threatening episode with an injection which went into my epidural space and caused me to shut down (similar to having an anaphylactic shock).

The only thing I can do now is rest up until hopefully the flare-up passes and leaves me feeling more in control of my pain and fatigue.

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