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I pulled a muscle in the side of my neck, and it gives me pain in the back of my head by my ear...why?

Posted by lindseybauer13

Im pretty sure I pulled a muscle in my neck, Im 20 years old I went to stretch and lift my head out of bed Sunday morning and got this HORRIBLE pain in the back on my neck and lower head behind my ear, I could even get up for over an hour and then up until today, I had to have a towel wrapped around my neck to keep it straight and stable also using hot and cold pads and it was VERY difficult to even move my neck in ANY way. Today it much better, able to move my head back and forth, just hard to tilt my head backwards, I know when Im irritating the muscle because its like it tightens and I can feel that awful pain in the back of my neck and lower head. I can finally sleep on my side again with the towel around my neck. does that sound like a pulled SCM muscle or any muscle on the side of the neck and is the head pain normal?
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Yes sounds like you pulled the SCM or maybe the levator scapulae muscles.  There’s a lot of different muscle fibers in the neck – your paraspinals or trapezius can be involved too.  Along with straining one or more of these muscles, you may have pulled some spinal vertebrae out of place also.  A mis-aligned spine will add to the nerve pressure and pain. With a strain/sprain injury like this you can get head pain in the form of headaches or just muscle pain where certain muscles attach to the skull or 1st two spinal bones.  The occipital muscles for example attach the occiput (skull) to the 1st two vertebrae.  Problems here can give pain that feels like it’s the back of the head because that’s basically where this muscle is. Also, keep in mind that muscles have specific referral patterns, meaning they can cause pain to radiate to the head or even the hand and arm.   For help with neck pain relief, neck exercises, stretches, and muscle work go here:   
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