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Posted Jun 03 2010 12:36pm

For those of us with chronic long term pain, 'flare-ups' are inevitable and pain worsens no matter how much medication is taken. But of course 'flare-ups' can be avoided if you take care of yourself.

Well, I've been a bit naughty today and caused my own flare-up after doing a bit of work in my garden. I 'know' I should not attempt anything in the garden but on a glorious day like today, I just thought I would fill a few pots... now I'm suffering, big time.:**:

Trouble is if I limit what I do any more there isn't much left in life that I can actually do without pain and a lot of the time nature (or my determination) helps me forget how awful the pain can be.

To try and describe my pain to you would be quite difficult as it is quite a mixed bunch.

I also find it hard to try the 'I'll do what I can without pushing myself hard and then stop and do the rest later', as its a 'now or never' thing for me.

I guess I need to go back to the drawing board to remember what they taught me at the Pain clinic, and to not regard being unable to do much as a hindrance or a frustration but to view it as the best way to stop another 'flare-up'.

I am however, really chuffed with the pots I have done and if I can manage it tomorrow I will take some pictures for you all to see.

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