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i have sometimes severe pain in my right shoulder and also tingling in my right hand that seems to get worse with time and use..

Posted by sarahsarah318

I have a very sharp almost stabbing pain in my right shoulder, in the muscle between by my the joint of my shoulder and neck. I've had the pain since I was about 15 years old, and it started a few months after I was in a car accident in which no apparent injuries were sustained. Throughout my teenage years I played sports year round, and was very into softball, the pain would be triggered by overuseage, but would go away with a little bit of ibueprofen massage and/or rest. Now I am in college and I'm no longer active in terms of sports, but I am a sculpture major, and use my hands frequently, and the pain becomes so severe that I am that I am forced to stop if it begins to hurt while I'm working. Some times pain relievers like tylenol or IB do nothing, and most recently I have been experiencing tingling and numbness in my right hand, and sometimes it seems as though an electric jolt will shoot into my hand, usually I can stretch out my fingers and get back to work, but today it was so bad, I experienced a shock and dropped a tool I was working with before I even realized what was happening, it was like a spasm... or something : / can anyone relate or enlighten? P.s. this might sound like a dumb question but, i'm only 20, should this be happening to me at such a young age?
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