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I have severe spinal pain in my upper spine between my shoulder blades .I am a 37 year old male. I did nothing in the past few d

Posted by Lyle

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Could be a few things; most likely though it's a severe muscle strain and spinal misalignment.  Probably the quickest fix would be an adjustment by a chiropractor.  Use ice on your mid-back to reduce any inflammation.  Something else that may help the mid spine is called the spineworx.

If no improvement is made you may need an xray to see if something else is going on.

A good stretch for between the shoulder blades is to grab onto something like a pole, or reach across a heavy table or desk, and lean back.  You should feel a stretch in the upper, mid and even low back.

I had such back shoulder and neck pain it would put me to tears....a deep dull ache i considered yoga, heat, rest, deep had no clue and figured i over did something. I also was having some pain on my right side now and then and felt emotional and one time thought i was having a heat attack with a racing heart that stopped me in my tracks...after googling some of these symptoms i found a site that suggested gallbladder issues and that is what it was...i did a natural olive oil cleanse and ate better and it was gone, years later i have heard several nurses mention the connection between shoulder and neck pain and the gallbladder, although two docs didnt mention it...hope this helps
Where are you located? Dr. Hogan from Active Body Chiro Care can help you. He does free consultations so I would advise asking him these questions depending on where you are. He is located in Los Angeles. He has an office in West Hollywood too.
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