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I have severe pain in the back of my neck on my spine,appears to be very swollen or maybe something out of place,started all of

Posted by marsha65

sudden and continues to get worse.Now I cant turn my head to the left very well bad pain with  moderate pain as i try to turn to the right.Should I see  a Dr or could this be something i could tend to at home?what could it be?
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Hi Nav J. I dont recall doing anything out of the normal .I do have a kiosk that I open on the weekends in which I raise the doors from the ground up maybe I did something wrong in lifting that I didnt notice that was on Fri and Sat,my pain came Sun afternoon.I was fine then I started feeling an ache in my mid back on the right side soon after left that area straight to my neck and hasnt stoped.Thank you so much for your reply the ice has really made a big diff in the pain thank you,thank you!!!I will take your advice and see a Dr...hope you have nice eve...God Bless You & take Care

Hi Marsha, yes you should see a health professional (chiropractor, PCP, osteopath) about this. It sounds like a severe muscle sprain/strain of the neck. You have pain, tightened muscles and also decrease in range of motion in your neck. Did you wake up with this pain? Were you lifting something heavy, or jerked your head/neck all of a sudden? My advice is to ice your neck and upper back area in the meantime. It might be too painful to do any neck exercises at home. I would see your Dr first for an evaluation and examination. Gentle manipulation, modalities of heat/ice/e-stim will also be benefical for you. Hope you feel better soon. - NJ
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