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I have severe neck pain which radiates into my eye and ear. What do you suggest?

Posted by sydeshowbob

I work up with pain on the left side of my neck just where my neck meets my shoulder.  It was a deep ache which bothered me most of the day.  Later, it got worse.  It now is a deep sharp pain which radiates into my left ear and eye.  I took a strong pain reliever I just happened to have, which has taken the edge off, but when it wears off, I'm going to be in trouble.  I won't be able to even get out of bed.  What do you suggest. I had a cervical fusion at c4-5 and c5-6 about 10 years ago, but never had this kind of pain....I only had left arm pain.  This is completely different.  I have a traction unit, but am afraid to lie down and put my neck into it.  Thanks. 
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