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I have mild neck pain especially if I turn suddenly but my biggest concern is the painful tingling I feel in my right hand

Posted by mms

I wake up crying multiple times each night it hurts so bad- it mainly effects my thumb and forefinger but some nights the entire hand hurts too. I have tried sleeping with only 1 pillow, sleeping with a special neck supportive pillow, motrin PM, and flexril- nothing seems to aleviate the pain-any suggestions??
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mms, have you had a cervical MRI to determine if there is anything going on at the disc level ? This type of special x-ray can diagnose a herniated or bulging disc, one possible cause of the tingling in your hand. In terms of neck pillows have you tried the arc4life's cervical traction neck pillow ? it has a special traction part that will help to stretch your cervical spine while sleeping while giving you support. -NJ

Hello. I'm going to offer up a slightly different opinion.

Anatomically, the innervation of the hand passes through the neck or cervical spine. While there could be other reasons, tingling in the fingers can indicate a pinched nerve or subluxated vertebra. Neither of these is a big deal so don't worry.

Creating space or length in the neck (traction) would be a very good idea. If you lean toward allopathic medicine then, at some point, after an examination a $1500 MRI might be appropriate. I personally tend not to waste medical resources unless it is absolutely necessary AND I don't particularly like radiating myself (unless absolutely necessary).

Instead perhaps an osteopath or chiropractor could offer you a less costly, more accessible resolution. If you go a time or two and don't have result, the MRI is still there for you should you choose it. 

As a yoga teacher I've learned that there's an emotional component behind EVERYTHING in the physical body.  Ergo it is important to your well being to stay as calm as possible, eat as well as possible, think as positively as possible AND try to listen to the message coming from your spirit, through your body, about your way of living.

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