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I have mild bulging disc in my neck even though pt is helping the neck pain my headaches will not subside any suggestions?

Posted by Deri

In 1998 I was in a car wreck, went head first into the window where i was only out for a few moments. I had a huge hematoma on my forehead.  In 2003 I was abused by an ex with several blows to the head leaving a cranial fracture and several hematomas.  And in 2005 I had another car wreck where I had head trauma with hematomas, cracked a jaw bone and broke 6 teeth.  I have never remembered the details of the last wreck and their is still conversations I have trouble remembering or places that I have visited.  My neck hurts me alot and has gotten worse over time.  I keep headaches on a daily basis and my blood pressure is now staying up which was never a problem in the past. My MRI recently showed mild bulges between c4andc5 and c6andc7 with mild spondolysis. They only checked my neck and shoulder area because it burns down into both shoulders.
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