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i have had what was thought muscle spasms in my left back shoulder with the pain running down my left arm w/hand getting tingly

Posted by shelshok

i took all the muscle relaxers prescribed but i am still having the pain in the arm and hand--not too much in the back shoulder--is it possible it could be a pinched nerve or mild heart attack or maybe i need more muscle relaxers because i let the pain go on for over a month until i couldn't take the pain anymore and it kept getting worse?
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Are you having weakness in your left shoulder, left arm or hand? It is possible that you have a pinched nerve, but without a cervical mri you cannot be sure.

Also, muscle relaxers only serve to mask the pain that you are having. Taking them short term is okay, as long term use could cause other side effects.

See a chiropractor, an osteopath, or your PCP about your pain. Further evaluation that includes a neurological exam can help determine what is actually going on.

Hope this helps.

 - NJ

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