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I have had a stiff neck for about a month and today it is a little tender by the adams apple/ thyroid region, a little englarged

Posted by neck2me

Extremely active male in twenties.

Doesn't smoke anything and occasionally drinks.  No environmental hazards.

No health problems except vasomotor rhinitis (just diagnosed this week after allergy test showed up negative because I used to be allergic to a lot of things, but I still have congestion).

Really bad post-nasal drip and chronic occasional wet cough due to vasomotor rhinits.  Knot feeling in throat once and a while.  No lymph node acitivtiy.

 I did see the doctor when it first started, but she said it was nothing and gave my antibiotics because i had the onset of a sinus infection.  

Neck sometimes feels better when I am doing other things or when I wake up, thus way I feel it may be stress/ anxiety related, but this whole tenderness thing today sort of scared me.  It is not horrible, but does not feel regular.  It feels like muscle tension, the trapezius and  the muscle connecting behind the hear to the collar bone (I don't know the name).  The front adam's apple/ thyroid tenderness just started though, I have had feelings of a knot in there on and off for the past month.  Seened to start when sprig started and all the pollination, but I am not allergic.  I did burn something in my oven and it was smokey, but it should have been better by now.  I am going to go to my doctor and find out what is going on, but what you think?



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That muscle that connects from behind the ear to the clavicle is the SCM.  Because in lies more anterior, if the neck spine is slightly forward or has lost some curvature it may cause this muscle to shorten and tighten.

Also, misalignment is the upper neck can cause sinus issues as well.  I would recommend something like the traction pillow.  It has a neck roll to help correct the neck curve and will also help give you some pain and sinus relief.

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