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i have full body lymphadenopathy, and new symptoms in details, could this be cancer?

Posted by j0shthezero

It all started about a year ago, my girlfriend noticed a lump in my groin area, i then noticed it.. but thought since i felt one on the other side, it was probably normal(wrong), and waited about 6 months.. since then i have been having stomach problems(trouble taking a #2), yet im not constipated.. i told my doctor all of this and he felt the lymph nodes and said they were swollen.. and he scheduled a colonoscopy, i had that done, and he found a area of "abnormal tissue" and had it biopsied, and tatoo'd. Some time during this procedure i woke up in the middle, and figured something went wrong (eg bowel perferation) or whatnot.. and then i was back out again, and they made me wait for 3 bags of saline.

After all of that, my problems got worse. Their was now not only what felt like blockage while trying to take a #2, but a sharp pain in my right side(after googling it seemed like apendicitis), i had an issue twice where i was seated prior, and when i stood up, my side hurt really bad, and felt as if a balloon of hot water went everywhere(and then i got really dizzy, almost passed out), this happened twice in about 2 weeks. Their was then blood in my stool, and sharp pains while trying to go, doc said it was all in my head, and when i asked about the colonoscopy, and why i woke up.. he said he had done hundreds of these procedures, and that it was all in my head since i had a history of depression(i know what is in my head or not).

So he scheduled a CT scan of my abdomen and pelvis with and without contrast, and also an oral contrast. The results came back and it says on the sheet that my liver, spleen adrenal glands pancreas, and kidneys are unremarkable. But it does state as follows:

#1.  increased number and size of retroperitoneal and mesenteric lymph nodes, differential diagnosis includes mesenteric adenitis. clinical correlation is advised. a follow up study is also advised to rule out any possibility of malignancy.

#2 possible urinary bladder artifact from urinary contrast jets excreted into the urinary bladder versus a urinary bladder mass. the next step for further evaluation is an ultrasound study of the urinary bladder. a cystoscopy may also be useful.

But at this appointment the docter says he thinks i have non-hodgkins lymphoma.

I have yet been given an antibiotic to rule out infection, the nodes in my groin at certain times seem to get really tight(or feels that way) and i can feel my heart beating through it, even while not touching it.. also i have a swollen/very sore to the touch spot on my lower right of my back.

My doctor did a blood test before this and didnt tell me anything about my white blood count, or anything else to see if its alarming, but he did tell me my hemoglobin was above normal, and very good.

I'm 22, kind of still in shock about possible cancer, my appointment with a general surgeon is about a month away, and my lymph nodes are really bothering me, i'm afraid im going to pass out and get really hurt, or what not.

Any ideas, clues, or anything =p i'm so stressed.. just reading everything i can..

Oh, theirs also another node(or something) much smaller but almost directly below the lymph node, and its hard. i'm not sure when it appeared, but it seems recent.

Do you think cancer is the cause, or has anyone else had the same issue, do you think i should be on antibiotics, etc.. thanks in advance, i know i just ranted alot.. but my doctor is hard to talk with, and im just worried because i put this off, i really had no clue it could be so serious, as it has not before bothered me.. if it wasnt for my girlfriend i wouldnt have noticed them until now, and i still dont understand why everything seemed to start at once, trouble going to the bathroom, colonoscopy, bad pain/more apparent nodes, etc. any help is appreciated, thanks again for your time.


New symptom: i haven't had any alcohol in quite some time, a few months atleast. I drank 1 beer, and a little while later my i could feel my heart beating really fast, my hands started to tingle so i layed down, then both of my arms felt as though they were asleep, and my lymph nodes were all throbbing kind of in tune with my heart beat, is this normal of lymphoma? i read that they shouldnt hurt, but the one on my back hurts when touched, the others dont hurt normally, just when my heart is beating fast.



I got the bladder results back, and they were fine. When i went to see the surgeon, he didnt want to biopsy yet(i guess the node he wants to remove is in a hard-to-get-to place. So i go back in 2 weeks to get another CT scan w/ oral and IV contrast. Since then i have noticed new nodes in my armpit area, and 2 on each side of my neck, the surgeon doesnt think it is lymphoma, but no one has treated, or tested for anything else yet, any ideas on what i should do? lol, i feel like an idiot, and doctors are treating me like i am a hypocondriac, i have always been healthy.. and this is just very odd for me, i just want to get better, im willing to do anything it takes.


he claims he wont remove the lymph node untill it is atleast 2.0cm, or a signifigant change in size, but lymph nodes are popping up all over, almost anywhere i feel i can find one, but usually two. i also had to go to the ER this morning due to hives, i felt extremely hot all of the sudden, and then real shaky, and my gf noticed all the bumps and stuff, it looked crazy.. doctors said it wasangioedema, is that a sign of lymphoma in the works?

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