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I have bad pain in lower back on right side just above above hip

Posted by wuzuptnt99

the pain always wakes me up it is there all day long. it is on the right side of spine in the soft area next to my side the pain goes down leg. what could it be and what should I do?

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In this area, is where the nerves exit out of the spine (off of the spinal cord).  The nerves of the lower spine come together to form the sciatic nerve which exits in the base of the rear and travels down the leg.

Most commonly it could be a few things that are putting pressure on the nerves; they are: muscle spasm, muscle strain, spinal or pelvic misalignment, or a disc injury (disc rupture, bulge, or disc degeneration).  They all can cause inflammation or direct nerve pressure.

Ice will tend to bring inflammation down.  Chiropractic treatment may help correct misalignments and mobilize joints reducing inflammation.  Muscle work and specific back exercises can help as well.  Medication in the short term may help you with the initial pain because you need to be able to rest also.

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