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I have a Tempur-pedic mattress and neck pillow, but still wake up with a stiff neck….

Posted Dec 18 2010 9:14am
Tempurpedic mattress and foam neck pillow I have been working out of town and sleeping in a hotel for the past month, coming home on weekends. I find the Hotel bed comfortable, and my bed wasn't. So I purchased a tempur-pedic mattress as well as pillows yet I am waking up with sore neck this was not happening at Hotel- Help!

Foam neck pillows and mattresses such as the temper-pedic brand work for some people very well.

For other people they need a different kind of neck pillow. There are many other choices: fiber fill, bukwheat, water, air- you just have to find the right one for you. Also, you have to make sure you are sleeping on the right size of neck pillow. This is huge- too many people use a pillow that is too big for them, and that can lead to soreness in the mornings.

Check out the linear gravity neck pillow on - it comes in three different sizes, has two areas of neck support (2 neck rolls- one larger, one smaller) that one can choose from

A few other ideas for you: Neck exercises can help. If you are having acute neck pain, try using a cold pack for 10-15 minutes. This can help to decrease inflammation and also provide a pain relieving effect.

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