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I have a pain in coccyx area. Could it be a muscle strain. I don't remember falling on my tailbone.

Posted by Tatyana

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I don't know that this will provide too much help for you, but sometimes that particular pain is caused by simply sitting on it wrong. You may want to sit on a donut-shaped pillow until the pain subsides.
for anyone with tail bone pain, I hope my advice can help. My symptoms were: not being able to walk for long periods, feeling extreme pressure on my tail bone area, needing to lay down to get some relief, sometimes not being able to sleep at night b.c. such severe pain, some pain during intercourse, not being able to locate where the pain was coming from just knew that it was around the tailbone.  My steps towards recovery 1. went to a chiropractor that used an "activator" to put my hips back into place b.c. she says my body was out of allignment 2. going to a pelvic floor doctor: who basically for about 1/2 an hour twice a week goes inside my rectal area and massages to get out the internal knots.  So basically I think the cuase of my tail bone pain was that my hips went out of wack and caused my buttox to internally develop knots out of stress.  Because the chiropractor was able to put my body back into allighnment still did not help the fact that my body had created knots.  Therefore I saw a pelvic floor doctor to alleviate the internal knots that developed.  If anyone has anyquestions I would be happy to describe more on my experience.
I have got severe pain in my tail bone..the doctor says its because of the muscle around the bone has got ripped off and needs to get back to its place..the doctor adviced for some hot massages and few excercise and tablets. Could suggest me whether my treatment is correct or not?
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