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I have 2 bulging disc in my neck, What symptoms can i look for that the condition is getting worse

Posted by deputydog1296

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I also have recently found out that I have two bulging disc in my neck and one in my lower back with a annular tear.  It has also been reported that I have tears in the disc in my neck.  What I have noticed over the last year is increase in numbness in my hands, weaken of my hands, sharp pains in both shoulders when I lay down, headaches in back of neck, muscle spasms in neck adn upper back, stiffiness in my neck.  I am having a microdiscetomy to cure my lower back problems.  My lower back pain has progressed to nerve damage at my L-5, Sharp pain in my right leg, acheing in my hips and lower back and extreme constant pain in lower back and down into butt.  Good luck is all I can say.  My pain has gotten so bad in the last year and I am only 30yrs old with a 1 year old child.
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