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i had surgery in jan. on my c3-c6 they went thru the front of my thoat to do the surgery, since then i have had a dry cough from

Posted by kimmyj

as i said above the surgery i had they cut my neck and went in the front to work on the back, i have this cough now that i have had since then and it comes from my thoat and is a dry annoying cough, especially at night. it feels as if something is flickering in my thoat and i cough and cough and cough. could this be something that is because of the surgery?

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Have you had any feedback on this at all??  I am about to make a decision whether to undergo this operation or live with the risks and pain as is.  I am looking for feedback from someone such as yourself, if you consider the op worthwhile?  Or, if given your time again, you would decide NOT to have the procedure??
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