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I had chin/head injury at work. Still feel dizzy and nauseaus...should I be worried?

Posted by dizzygirlx3

I was injured at work. A child head butted me. Child's chin impacted my chin. Impact sent my neck and head back. I lost my balance and my whole face, jaw and chin went numb with tingling. I continued to work. Had a headache and pressure in head area. This happened on a Tuesday. I worked the rest of week with alot of nausea and headaches. Thought I was coming down with something. I became sore. Saturday very nauseas...loss of appetite. Sunday my back went out with severe pain. I finally saw employers doctors and they took xray of neck and back. I have inflamation of the neck and lower back. When they did an xray they made me lift my arms over my head in different positions. I felt like I was going to pass out. Became nauseaus again. Dr. said that incident was like what a boxer goes through when they are knocked from getting hit in the chin and  that my neck was inflamed and could be lack of oxygen. He said not to worry that I would get better and gave me flexerill, vicodin and ibuprofen.  He released me to go back to work with restrictions and no overhead work.  This all happened yesterday.  When I look up for lengthy times I feel nauseas and dizzy. Mind you this is 11 days after the incident. Should I be worried?
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