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I had an accident in may. Before this I never had a thyroid problem. At the accident scene, my neck swelled up. Now they doctor

Posted by laughster

I have never had problems with my neck. I now have problems swallowing. I have nasel drainage. and I have problems turning my neck. I had xrays of my neck prior to the accident about a year. I had no...nodules prior. I had no pain in the neck. I had no problems swallowing. Now I do. Could the accident be the cause?
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Yes,  You may want to talk to an attorney if it wasn't your fault.  Actually either way, he may have a list of doctors he refers to for these types of injuries.  Alot of chiropractors specialize in auto injuries.  You can definitely get these issues due to an accident.  Alot of times the injury doesn't necessarily present itself riht away.
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