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I had a shoulder dislocation when I was an enfant. At 48 it aches all the time. What could this be and thanx.

Posted by kimrose

I have small hard lumps around the shoulder also. Also can ache upper part of my arm. Sore to sleep on, and now I have had to give up all sports because of the pain.

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Most likely there is some build up of arthritis in that joint.  The hard lumps could be calcium deposits or they could be muscle trigger points.  I would try to keep the area as mobile as possible.  Try a routine a simple arm circles that shoulder; do them daily for a couple minutes each day.  Also drink lots of water- this help hydrate discs and muscles as well as flush toxins out of the body.  You may also want to increase supplements that help combat arthritis.  Lastly, put a tennis ball between you and the floor, or between your shoulder and the wall, roll on it hitting the trigger points in the muscles.  There are also some good tools out there that help massage those difficult to reach areas.
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