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I clearly saw nike shox rivalry for sale that impressively engraved with

Posted Dec 26 2012 7:19am
Teammates and I the dark to get up, finishing a good outfit hastily road, I can feel the heart of each of his teammates are in the "bang bang bang" jumping accelerated through the heavy dark fog. Why are we so excited, because we are about to go to a place is a place where everybody dreams of paradise, it is a bustling very large cities, where we can not only learn more nutrients, but also to enjoy to show their talent, create their own world, to win their own wealth. In this way, we are full of high morale and unlimited passion, and hit the road.Not think this road to the bustling away for eleven years. In the meantime, we pass through a "confused" forest, wading through a roll with "ignorance" waves nike shox nz for sale of the river, across the one called "inferiority complex" YuFengling turned over a mountain range called "hardship". Finally, in a Jiaoyangsihuo season, we finally see hope, that forest of high-rise buildings, that reflection with stained glass sun is getting closer and closer to us. We screamed like crazy, desperately rushed forward to embrace our dreams.

However, when we rushed breathless in front of the city, everyone dumbfounded. Across an extremely wide river in the city and between us, no storms, but the river was deep unfathomable. Under the scorching sun, blankly stood. Suddenly, the other side of someone shouting: "Come on you! See, there is not bridge this bridge, you can go to us here, fast! Quick!" I looked up looked, uh, do not distant Sure enough seat single-plank bridge, man voice hardly ever, millions of soldiers suddenly Chaona bridge and ran. Under the scorching sun, I clearly saw nike shox rivalry for sale that impressively engraved with the four characters "senior test on a single-plank bridge sideways." I caught myself, see teammates have to go more than half of their own in the end too, or however it? Multiple bridges over it, narrow, inevitably will be pushed into the water. However, they can not be reconciled so that eleven years of toil destroyed. Next to someone in urging me, I have a bite off: "Well, too, even desperate to have in the past!"
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