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I am having intermitent radiating pain that appears to be a possible pinched nerve coming from my upper spine or neck area.

Posted by tdlucas1

The pain will radiate across the upper quadrant of my back, down my entire right arm and hands and across my upper chest, with some of the symptoms also reaching into the left side areas as well though not as severe.  It makes me feel weak all over, I tremble slightly from the pain, very mild nausea ( I expect from the pain) and then after a short time it will all cease as if nothing is wrong at all.  My muscles in my arms, especially the right one feel tired and fatigued.  The pain is a burning sensation, and well as just out right pain, mild tingling as well.  Asprin and tylenol help to relieve the pain and also it subsides on its own.  I work at a computer all day doing data entry for my job in Accounts Payable.  Do you think it is a pinched nerve or something else.  I also found a tick on my back two months ago.  Though I didn't get the traditional bullseye formation, the inflammation spread out on either side and was slightly raised for nearly 6 weeks.  I still have a little raised knot where the tick was attached and fed that has not completely healed.  It itches a little and is almost gone now, but still has a small cirlce of redness around it.  I do not have headaches, continual nausea I would associate with infections (only nausea I associate with the pain upsetting  my system)No joint pain.  IN short none of the listed symptoms of Lyme disease. 
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