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Hypnotizing your Pain away: The Secret of Mind over Matter

Posted Dec 01 2009 10:00pm
The Secret I watched the “ secret ” a few months ago and I remember there was an individual with pain or some other health issue that she apparently resolved using “the secret.”

How did she do it or what is the “secret” exactly? Well you probably want to watch or read The Secret to get the full understanding, but it’s basically the power of the mind or belief over the physical body.

Do I truly believe you can eliminate your neck pain simply by believing you have no pain? Not exactly, but anything’s possible, and I do believe it helps. I do believe taking your mind off of the pain helps. For example, when you go to work or at least get busy with a project of some sort the pain will seem less. Whereas if you have all day or night to only sit around and think about your pain, the pain will definitely seem worse.

For neck pain or spine pain, it tends to be mainly structured or mechanical in nature, but believing you can get better and keeping a positive attitude will work in your favor. I have seen this in our office. People who don’t want to get better and have a continuous negative attitude often don’t get better and fix their pain. I’ve been to seminars where people get completely hypnotized , and I can say that it truly works. It can be used to cure a fear of something, to help you believe something. That being said I think it’s worthwhile to use in your battle against pain. Here’s a link to the “ secret ,” and here’s a link to an ebook I found on hypnosis .

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