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Posted Jul 02 2014 6:01am
In martial arts novels and also historical novels, warrior or simply who usually holds your magic, like yang2 guo4 weapon is really a weapon of epee darksteel, guan yu is the dragon crescent moon blade, in the world of the novel this kind of good guy magic moments, also extra satisfy the reader's hero praise. Warrior and star scenario, however, after all, only occurs in the books, but the existence of the athletes, but let the public in real life can continue to meet the desire for the hero worship, and important elements of the "hero with magic", also be retained in the habitat, which NBA players making use of their sneakers is one of the most common type of such "the hero with a magic" component, of course, is not only sole providence in former NBA gambler, marathon runner also have their very own magic. chaussures de running nike MeiBo, coffee, (Meb Keflezighi) London Olympic race after the national team, offers 37 years old in 2012, the guy in the United States national Olympic team tryouts s personal best score A couple of hours 09 08 seconds, make skin MeiBo key, however, are these claims pair of development for him magic ??¡§¡§ were GO Work - SPEED. GO RUN - SPEED is a pair of according to the foot of MeiBo sort created by ultra-low weight jogging shoes, Get so near the heel of your lateral bearing "meb" exclusive refueling, on the upper part adopts leaks in the structure of net cloth materials, and appears in the design of photogrrne color layer gradually vivid eye-catching appearance. Sole part to have lightweight, bottoms, so there is no bottom and, of course, additionally carrying the exclusive modern technology were circular propulsion detectors and arch area so as to improve the running efficiency, also to the patent Resalyte material to give the shock buffering function. As well as these were GO RUN sequence standard, GO RUN -speed's secret weapon is a built-in in the middle of the sole part of Dupont technology Dupont Hytrel Stability Plate graphite sheet, this special product usually only applied to this airframe of science and technology, characterized by ultrathin, awesome light, but has a high Stability and support, is really a famous professional design of the entranceway. nike 5.0 Measured, tested runners to jog feel GO RUN : SPEED in whole solid streets sense, with hints with resilience, the hard road feeling characteristics of adjustable together with other shoe were gentle springback roads feeling has a very factor. And GO RUN , SPEED and were additional shoe has so big main difference, participants runners speculated that the main reason should be in the bottom with dupont stable carbon fiber board has established a solid road feeling, because GO RUN - SPEED design is according to practical demand, the relationship between best marathon runner usually convention runner like road experience harder shoe, can let your system center of gravity to help maintain in the higher position (generally slow running shoes will usually permit body center of gravity lower) rhythm is more helpful to can make the hands and feet, and let fall footsteps become more stronger, play a stronger ability with racing. Pro to GO Perform - SPEED adjustable attributes, both said more union with the actual demand of in the race. But the above exam results, the test runner can be used to the pace of tests, however, when subjects wearers will SPEED up to 5 points even faster, but will feel GO RUN -speed stable sole road feeling can be very high feedback, running under the pace and GO the particular RUN - SPEED can in fact help participants runners to boost the pace, make your feet onward more lightsome, let the participants jogger feel like a tiger joy out of the gate of freedom. Just to be able to maintain an extremely long RUN high pace, might have to have the horse result in just 4 hours for serious, and can play to the factor of the GO RUN -- SPEED, after all of the world's top players, like MeiBo have about 20 kilometers per hour SPEED race, and Head out RUN - SPEED because it's designed for MeiBo running shoes, seems it is actually understandable if GO Operate - SPEED can play for you to effect the strength of the need to achieve a certain threshold. Just like the plot of the novel, the most powerful special, usually are not anyone can follow an individual's inclinations, only real heroes play magic power, so they designed for a marathon national representative MeiBo were being GO RUN - Velocity, also need to have a certain education qualifications runners, can don GO RUN - Pace on the RUN field aplomb, for the newbie runners don't lose heart and soul, even if not like MeiBo wear Get RUN 42 km , SPEED down a peg or maybe two, but as long just like you put on the GO (the SPEED you'll be able to in your own distance, experience turn out to be MeiBo pleasure! Timberland roll top
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