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Howard is Kobe Bryant is the best helper to catch up with Jordan is not the luxury of six crown

Posted Aug 11 2012 6:34am

Bryant preparing far in London and the Olympic Games semi-finals in Argentina,  Air Jordan 4 Retro Fire Red  and he certainly also the first time to know the news of John Howard joining the Lakers, which is obviously gave him a burst of tonic, he suspected that the Lakers have to break through the Miami Thunder surrounded again, aspirations, Howard is that he tied the best helper and even beyond the Jordan, which is the last chance of his late career.
Everyone knows that Bryant minds of these players like LeBron - LeBron James,  Air Jordan 4 Retro Cheap  Kevin - Durant is not his real opponents, real murderous hidden in his heart - that is the greatest player in NBA history, Michael - Michael Jordan, Kobe always wants to go beyond the Jordan, and in every respect, is only the desire of his heart has been unable to reach so far still can not reach the height of the Jordan six crown, of course, he and six crown gap only a ring.

Won the championship in 2009 and 2010, continuous reinforcement of the Lakers came to a standstill, and this time the opponent's lineup is the increasingly powerful threat to the Lakers, so the Lakers last season, has been in a non-stop repair and early and lost the chance of the finals.

Air Jordan 1 Retro 2001 White White Midnight Navy

Bryant desire to win, to get an even more rings than any time he wants to again, after all, over 34 years old,  Air Jordan 4 Cheap  he was able to maintain this state of time not more, and now Mitch Kupchak with a minimum The cost of Dwight - Howard brought him, is undoubtedly his greatest help, even if Howard's arrival to pick up his classes, but Bryant also know that in the remaining two years of the contract, he needs desperately.
In accordance with the current configuration of the Lakers, they are wholly owned and thunder in the west Bai Bai wrist, the sophistication of Nash, Howard's dynamic and domineering will make Kobe their own benefit, while Howard and Pau Gasol inside configuration even put in the league is still a lot of teams in the eyes extravagant. As long as the Lakers next season can quickly run molding, and Kobe Bryant and Steve Nash can stay healthy, then the Lakers win a ring is not a luxury within the next two years.

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